After training as a sculptor at Wimbledon School of Art and with an M.A. in Computer Animation from London Met., Louisa Fitch headed to the U.S.A. to work with Studio V12 in Los Angeles. As a key member of the creative team Louisa designed and delivered award winning motion graphics, channel identities, TV commercials and brand films for clients  including AT&T, X-Games, ABC, PBS and Gran-Via.

On returning to the U.K. in 2002, Louisa established Sugarway as a vehicle for her design and directorial work. The ideas developed in L.A., on the ideal organisation of a creative company, were put into practice. Soon Sugarway, and it’s band of creatives around the world, were proving Louisa’s vision, developing heavyweight brands, digital platforms, motion graphics, titles and corporate films for clients large and small.

At Louisa’s core is a love of art, design and creativity in whatever form they take. Be they cast in concrete and set in a field or pixels sweeping across a screen, and this love is what underpins everything that Sugarway produces.