Apple & BBC


Just finished an interesting motion graphics project for the BBC and a long lost mate at GR01 – We’ve been visualising the new iPlayer platform that will allow people to watch the Olympics live, on-demand where ever they are in the UK, on phones, tablets, computeres and digitally connected TV’s looks like a great concept and another nail in the coffin for the traditional TV.

Sugarway were asked to animate some info graphics and click through movies of the website in use, aiming to make the clips informative, interesting and attractive! Looked OK to me anyway. We used FCPX and Motion 5 for the whole project which helped the whole thing go along smoothly. I know FCPX has caused some controversy over it’s complete rewrite, and total interface change, with many people opining that V7 has more ‘pro’ features and X is only for the home user. It’s pro simple as that, for me it is SO much faster (uses all 12 of my cores) and intuitive when it comes to editing compared to FCP7 that it’s changed my life for the better – I love it, this project with all its amends would (version 15 was the final for one clip) have probably taken another 2 days with the old tools.

You can see Phil Fearnley of the BBC talking all about it here.

Our ongoing Yellow Submarine HD movie relaunch project for Apple corp. is still ongoing, launch date is drawing near and the main website is nearly done (countdown site here). We’ve had lot’s of ‘fun’ working out the side scrolling parallax idea and are now pleased with how it’s looking. As soon as it’s live I’ll let you know. Meanwhile here’s a couple of frames from the gorgeously restored film in all its 4K trippy glory.


Unkle A.