Don’t let the best chase out the better

Best or Better?

I was chatting to Rodney the other day about a design that I kept revising and tweaking when something he said really struck me;

“Don’t let the best chase out the better.”

It brought me up short, “What? We should just do an ‘O.K.’ job? We’re not about OK!” I thought and carried on.

However I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Should we compromise? Is the best always better? As creatives I think we are probably more vulnerable to this kind of destructive feedback loop than many other professions (or are we?), constantly re-evaluating and improving our work in a seemingly endless quest. There always seems to be something that we can adjust to make our art that little bit better, move the type 1 point, try a new angle on that.

But is this quest for perfection crazy? For me another quote from a great artist answers it “real artists ship!” – you might be striving for the best piece of work, but if it’s never finished who will ever know? How will a client feel if you miss deadlines, or never deliver?

I took a step back from myself and the design I had been producing. It looked great! There was nothing wrong with it so what was I doing? I pressed command ‘s’ and popped over to


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