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The lovely people at Chimango  (a South American bird of prey if you were wondering) have turned on their website and are ready for trading.

A local entrepreneur approached Sugarway a few months ago with the great idea of creating an ethically minded brand that would supply clothing with a conscious at a reasonable price. They would be selling T’s, vests and sweat pants made from organic cotton, bamboo and Tencel (a product of the eucalyptus tree). Think of them as the UK’s answer to American Apparel with an eco-edge and you’re there.

They had the business plan, company name and the products but no brand, and didn’t know where to start. And that’s where the white knights of design stepped in. The Sugarway team worked closely with the crew at Chimango developing several branding routes and logo iterations until the final design you see was settled on.

Chimango liked it, we like it and we hope you do too. So get on over there, buy some kit and proudly display Sugarway’s work on your chest (or back).




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