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Many interesting projects on the go at the moment at Sugarway fields, including redecorating/fixing our office after some serious leaks disagreed with the plasterboard over our heads, very messy. Which means we are a little cramped in temporary accommodation as we beaver away on various web, branding, video and print projects.

LUMA Exhibition Poster

Anyway, as for the title of this post, no we’ve not commissioned Frank Gehry to re-do our office (our  lovely local builder has fixed the leak and is now cracking on repairing the interior), but we have been involved in the design of programmes, signage, posters and journal for the nice people at FONDATION LUMA, whose focus is;

to create an experimental cultural complex, the Parc des Ateliers in Arles, France, dedicated to the production of exhibitions and ideas and developed with architect Frank Gehry. This project envisions an interdisciplinary center for the production of art exhibitions, research, education and archives.;

Being art lovers this has been an enjoyable project, and we look forward to visiting the completed campus. In the meantime you could pop over to Arles and see the Solaris Chronicles event that will be running until 28th September. Set in one of the sites original SNCF engine sheds,

the exhibition examines the creative vision of Frank Gehry through a series of artistic interventions and projects that bridge art and architecture.

It looks inspirational and we’ve loved working with the team at LUMA.


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