Go West – to Swindon?

As Sugarway are based out in the Wild West of motion graphics and design, we like to keep our finger of the pulse of what’s happening out here, so after hearing of a local graduate show, we popped over to see Swindon College’s Degree exhibition, in particular we wanted to have a look at the BA Graphic Design students work, you never know what little gems you might find. To quote the college...

“The Oxford Brookes BA in graphic design is a well-established programme that aims to develop conceptual thinking, creative visual communication, traditional visualising skills and software knowledge. 2012 has seen a cohort of 10 students exhibit their work and the show has received very positive feedback from industry representatives and the visiting public.”

I must admit we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the majority of work on display, Rather than give you my opinion on each piece, I’ll list our selects of the best work and let you make up your own minds.

First off was Sai Fitzpatrick with “An HIV Awareness campaign. A creative take on existing shock campaigns aimed at making information more accessible.”


“A brand launch and promotional campaign for a Vintage Emporium.”

Sai’s last project was a “brand and launch of a healthy fast food outlet.”



Rob Miszkowski “Designed a contemporary display typeface that could be used to engender nostalgia for the traditional high street independent retail outlet.”


Rob also took the notion of “culture jamming” and applied it to a North Korean social context, to produce a “form of alternative propaganda”.

Next we reach Eamon Martin who impressed me with his explanation of the underpinnings to his work “…a project that utilises graphic mark making to continue the tradition within visual culture of representing dreams and unconscious thought dating back to the Surrealist painters interpretations of Freudian psychoanalysis.” Hell yeah! I say. Martin was also the only student who had incorporated some motion graphics into his work which was refreshing to see.


Mina Ho “…investigated colour and psychology, examining the duality of colour association in contemporary western visual culture.” My favourite colour is magenta BTW.


Valentine Gonsalves produced an “…anorexia awareness project, focussing on the range of causes of the condition and identifying the fact that males also suffer from the condition.”

..and last but not least was Sophie Bradley’s project a “Guerrilla advertising campaign to introduce the American confectionery product Hershey’s to the UK market.” I say “keep the corn syrup out of my chocolate.”


Some solid work in there.




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