iPhone Home Button Problem – Recalibrate

I just had to share this! My iPhone 4 has been playing up recently, the home button has been very hit and miss, working sometimes then requiring multiple hard presses to get any response. Today it stopped working completely! Arrrgh, new buttons are cheap but its fitting requires a complete strip down of the phone (check out iFixit’s 11 page walk through here).

Not wanting to do this I thought there may be a better way and soon discovered a fix that takes seconds. The button apparently needs recalibrating, and it’s very easy. Turn on your phone, open up any app an then hold down the power button until the ‘turn off iPhone’ slider appear. Now release the power button and press down on the home button, just enough to make it click and hold it like that until the power off warning disappears. A tip here is to not press too hard, I’m guessing the home button can detect the force used? Anyway this completely fixed my home button and it works perfectly again!

Thanks to idownloadblog.com for posting this video detailing the whole process.

PS: If this doesn’t work it may be a hardware problem – get out the mini screwdriver…

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