Minstrel or Car?


When the Sugarway team are away from editing video’s in Final Cut pro or creating amazing Motion Graphics with Motion or After Effects we are usually on Autotrader or Pistonheads. See what I did there, linking our work to our ‘real work’, cars.

As previously warned, the ‘Brown Bomber’ has finally been polished and is now gleaming on the drive like a well known confectionary.

Thanks to HowManyLeft I now also know that only 6 SDL Auto’s like ours are on the road in 2011 (5 SORN) out of a grand total of 516 Allegro’s of all versions. Of that 516 less than half (184) are actually taxed for road use.

A truly rare and exotic motor vehicle, I’m sure you will agree. Below are some pictures that you may want to use as your desktop.

If you want your own Brown Allegro here should be able to do you a great deal. They are not listed on the main price list but a quick message to Ling for a custom quote will get you a price. I currently pay £789.66 a month to lease my bad bod on a 15 x 789 deal – 15 monthly payments up front then £789.66 monthlies and an option to buy with a final balloon payment. Thanks Ling!

Unkle A.





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