Our Bosch Dishwasher has developed an e24 fault! **

Back in the office this morning and our BOSCH Exxcel dishwaser (what does the ‘xx’ mean? Really, really excellent, dirty dirty?) was full of dirty, stinky plates and mugs.

The display was blinking with an E.24 code. ‘No good can come of this…’ I thought and hopped onto Google to investigate.

The first video I found was the one below, which although unhelpful*, from a fault fixing point of view, made me laugh. I love you Washercrazy!

* The comments did actually help out, I just needed to clean the filter. You can see the process described in a much less entertaining way here. Then wonder at the awesomeness of user generated content, and hats off to BOSCH for posting such useful videos too.

**Is this the Blog equivalent of a Facebook status update along the lines of ‘Frosties for breakfast, yum?’


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