Sugarway take The Beatles back to America

Beatles USA Albums Website

The Beatles, 196o’s, U.S.A., quick, cool and beautiful! This is the kind of project Sugarway like (well the quick bit can be a little stressful). Working again for the lovely people at Motherlode Media we designed a simple but arresting site for the re-launch of The Beatles US Albums.

A great soundtrack, some Saul Bass inspired imagery and parallax scrolling made this a fun project for us all, Unkle Anwar in particular enjoyed stretching his vector illustrations muscles again, something he’s not had to do much of since the ‘Olympic Project’ (we cannot talk about it – but keep your eyes peeled during the Sochi Winter Games this year)!

So one more of the digital projects were working on this January has gone live, try it out for size at The Beatles US Albums, we’ll keep you up to date as the other jobs go live, they involve beer and makeup!

The Boss

NOTE: Anwar had something to say after reading the above “What about the 100’s of illustration I did for Accuvue just before Xmas?” – sorry forgot about that!

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