Tally hoooooooooooooo!


Phantom Flex, horses, crazy jockeys, motion control, rain, wind and the smell of well oiled leather. Ever wondered at how hard it is to get a bunch of horses and mad jockeys to ride through the area where you have a Phantom focussed?  (Clue: ‘very’.)

All in a days work for Sugarway.

Getting the footage for Louisa’s imagined sequence for Daryl Goodrich and IMG was a truly awesome experience, to be so close the the riders as they jumped so high and at such speed! Those guys really are super heroes, which neatly was the aim of Louisa’s sequence, man, animal and battle scarred equipment working together right on the edge.
Check out Channel 4 Racing or  The Morning Line’s title sequences and graphics packages to see the finished article, here and here or every Sunday morning on Channel 4.

PS. Inspired by this project and the latest work from 3 we are looking at getting a couple of shetland ponies for the Sugarway paddock, watch this space!


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