Thunderbolt, the Forrest Gump of i/o…

That little thunderbolt port, since 2011 we all* have one on the back of our iMacs or the side of our MacBooks, it’s always seemed is a little bit of a runt compared to the other holes it hangs out with, no use whatsoever. OK some of us maybe plug a monitor in there occasionally but that’s about it.

Talking to a few people, it’s plain that not many realise that this small little orifice has Lord of the Rings style powers; 2 independant channels of 10Gbps data (FW800 makes do with 0.8Gbps), eSATA , video out with 8 audio channels, USB, 10Watts of POWER (USB3 feeds 4.5Watts) – you can do anything…….::shudder::, it’s all quite overwhelming.

Sat there like Forrest Gump, no-one has noticed these hidden powers but now, thanks to Belkin, we can all experience the magic and  make our lives simpler, more modern and productive…

One Port to rule them all,
One Port to power them,
One Port to bring them all
and on your desktop bind them.

I will now don my cloak of invisibility and head down to the swimming pool.

Unkle Anwar

*Unless you have a MacPro which bizarrely doesn’t have Thunderbolt, fingers crossed for an announcement at Apple’s WWDC today.

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