Trinity School Croydon, London Brand Launch Film

Here is a lovely film for a lovely school! Our day of following the kids around with a film crew as the went about their learning was great fun – great to see such immense talent and joy amongst both pupils and teachers ! Hopefully this is reflected in the sprit of the film. We were commissioned by our friends at On Three in London who have rebranded the school and redone the school website. As with every project I do with Geoff and his team there – they raise the bar creatively and have done an amazing job for the school. The new look is incredibly stylish – with gorgeous black and white photography by master photographer Johnny Fenn. Such a treat to work with such fabulous talents on this project.


Client: Trinity School Croydon

Agency: On Three

Director: Louisa Fitch

Producer: Louisa Fitch

Post Production: Louisa Fitch

Editor / Sound Designer: Dan Merry