We all live in a parallax scrolling, HTML 5, CSS submarine…

…in full HD on Bluray or from the iTunes store!!

Well it’s done and up, our little website for Apple corp. is live and seems to be working great. It was commissioned for the relaunch of a hand cleaned, rescanned, remixed audio, full HD version of the Beatles, ‘Yellow Submarine’ animated film.

The brief was to recreate the feel of the film on the web, so we decided early on that a parallax scrolling ‘Pepper Land’ journey would fit the bill (well done Louisa).

And guess what? No FLASH! we’ve always had a problem with flash websites so were adamant that we would not use it on this site (iPad/iPhone compatible), it seemed an impossible task a couple of times but it all came together in the end. Our biggest issue was the endless image tweaking, trying to balance image quality (needs to look good) and size (too big, too slow to load!) have a look and let us know if we pulled it off.

Anyway, check out the website, there are some great behind the scenes shots from the original production and storyboards, I recommend a double drop to truly appreciate.

Unkle Anwar

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